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Sharing slopes for RC gliders

RC-slopes is a website that lists slopes for RC Glider enthusiasts. The data relating to these flight sites are offered by website visitors. The aim is to share, RC-Slopes does not prevent their dissemination on the Web. Thus the visitor who shares a given RC-slope should be aware that this data is now in free use on the internet, whether values, text, photos or other content ... This data may not always be accurate or even wrong. The responsibility of the site author cannot be held for any use of the data.

Sharing pictures and videos: copyright

RC-slopes does not have the skills or capacity to manage the issues of copyright. Photos made by members must be either pictures whose member is the author or royalty free photos found on the internet. Regarding the videos, they are presented via the video hosts YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo, which allow insertion on external sites based on preferences expressed by the author of the video on these hosts.

Radio controlled model related content

RC-slopes is an exchange site on a specific topic: RC gliders and places that allow the practice. Comments, photos and other media offered by visitors are expected to stick to the subject, by prohibiting absolutely any content that is coarse, violent, abusive, defamatory, racist, revisionist, war crime apology, pedophile, calling for murder or incitement to suicide, incites hatred or discrimination or content protected by intellectual property. In order to avoid any deviation, buttons to signal inappropriate content are provided. Each member is encouraged to make use of them in order to preserve the quality of the RC-slopes site.

Members with an account and personnal data

The system of having an account allows everyone to identify and share. The author of the site retains the right at any time to validate user accounts or not. Users who have an account at all times retain the right to access, modify and delete their personal information, in accordance with law relating to data, files and freedom. Until this possibility is offered directly by the site www.rc-slopes.com, all requests must be addressed to contact@rc-slopes.com.


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