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   Who am I?

My name is Stéphane Combet, I'm 37 years old and I live in Toulouse, South of France. What really fascinates me about RC sailplanes is aerobatics and amazing landscapes. Read more...

   Aerobatics with RC sailplanes

By François Cahour, in french  -   -   - 

 La voltige planeur est d’abord un jeu. Jeu qui procure des sensations intenses et permet d’améliorer son pilotage dans tous les domaines de vol. Perfectionner sa voltige conduit à s’interroger dans trois domaines de connaissances. Read more...

   Les Grands Planeurs Radio-commandés (GPR)

By Gérard Risbourg, in french


Previous versions of RC-SlopeS provided many files for download, including different type of GPS files. Some of them were not really working well! With this new version 2017, improving geolocation and responsive design for small screens, I only give access to a .xml file. It contains all basic data for every slopes registered here. This may help those who want to develop or computerize actions using database format.


Well, a lot have helped me, encouraged me and shared ideas … this has all helped RCS to continue growing! Read more...


Since 2011, what has been done? Look at it!