Well, a lot have helped me, encouraged me and shared ideas … this has all helped RCS to continue growing!

Of course, thanks to all of you who share new slopes and videos, this is what makes RCS!

Thanks to Yves and his forum, for allowing me to talk about RC-SlopeS to french people,
Thanks also to Pierrick for his help at beginning with javascript and Google Maps API,
Thanks to Antony Gibbs for proposals and support,
I would also like to thank Luc for his ideas which permitted improvment of the RCS map,
Thanks to tukothecat who put me on the right track about identifying car park bug on the map,
Many thanks to François Cahour for his enthusiasm for offering slopes and high-quality photos and videos,
Thanks too to AeroDyn for testing Garmin GPS files and talking about gpx files,
Thanks A LOT to Gérard for sharing data, pictures and videos from his own website Les Grands Planeurs Radiocommandés.
HUGE thanks to "Le Pentrotteur Dominique", here on RC-SlopeS, and here on his personal website, for his generous sharing of slopes, with almost 80 slopes and 150 pictures on january 2013 !
Great thanks to Pierre Rondel for a few of his pictures on RC-SlopeS, you can also find them on planet-soaring.
Thanks a lot to Steve Lange for his good advise (I have still some to put in practice!) and for sharing generously about slope aerobatics on the web!

And no doubt the list goes on!